“Am I grateful that I googled ‘learning Forex’, I would say so! After extensive market research, I decided to proceed with the Forex Trading Masters. This was not without some doubt as the internet is awash with a mass of derision pointed towards Forex providers in general. However, this is certainly not my experience with this academy and in particular my tutor and mentor Russell Gordon. The way Russell approaches training is what I would describe as a ‘no nonsense’ approach. Russell teaches you what you actually need to know with both technical and fundamental aspects covered so that you as a trader can make a rational decision to place a trade and more importantly when to stay out of the market. Russell has displayed an enormous amount of patience with me on my journey for which I am extremely grateful. I can honestly say that both the Forex Trading Masters and Russell care about you as a client and safeguarding your account which is a rare quality that is worthy of mention. My journey continues as a full-time trader having made the leap from a successful consultancy career to trading. My initial three months has enabled me to cut my teeth and end the year with good profit, which in turn lays the foundation to execute my business plan in 2021 and beyond. Finally I just wish to thank Russell in particular for enabling and equipping me as a successful trader and also to the Forex Trading Masters for excellent training and ongoing assistance through the trading floor and algorithm”

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