“I first signed up for a Forex course many years ago with a well known company (who changed name!); the biggest waste of money ever spent! All they did was try to up-sell to you and ultimately equip you to lose money. I only wish I’d found the Forex Trading Masters instead of them all those years ago. That said from Day One with the Forex Trading Masters I have felt they actually care about what they’re teaching and about your success. I was fortunate enough to have Russell Gordon as my mentor and I cannot thank him enough for what he has given me; that is, the tools and knowledge, that if I put into practice will help create an opportunity to initially have a second income and put me into a strong position in the future to ultimately replace my primary income and more importantly work on my own terms not someone else’s. Russell has been fantastic with me; when I’ve needed a kick he hasn’t been afraid to apply it. I feel he really cares about my success and I know he has done everything he can to help me. At the end of the day a mentor can only do so much, it is YOU that has to put the work in and apply the methodology and reap the rewards. Another thing is you are not made to feel you have your block of lessons and are left out there to sink or swim. There is plenty of support available. Something I think is of extreme importance and something other companies just do not do. This is NOT get rich quick. This is real, solid quality teaching that if learnt properly and applied CAN change your future. I couldn’t be happier choosing to take this course and count myself lucky to have been paired with Russell.”

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