“I have never had a positive trading month ever since I started venturing into the world of forex. Sure, I had winning trades but overall, on a monthly perspective, all my trades add up to the negative spectrum. But all of that changed. Although my very first lesson with the Forex Trading Masters happened on January 2020, my first journey actually began way before that – it was on June 2019 when I first spoke to Steven and was first introduced to the Forex Trading Masters. However, as I was in a really bad financial situation, I did not sign up. Slowly, I managed my budget and saved up for the course until a couple of months later, a few days before Christmas, I wrote Steven an email telling him I’m ready. After signing up, I was contacted by the support team to provide me details of my Trading Floor account and they showed me how to install their system. A few weeks later, I was contacted by the mentor assigned to me, Russell Gordon, and we decided to hold my first lesson in January. My mentor, Russell Gordon, is very knowledgeable in the field and very patient with guiding me through the course. From BPC, to fibs, to market correlation, to patterns, to money management, to fundamentals, he explained them all clearly. He has also shown great flexibility managing my schedule. As I work on a 12-hour rotating shift pattern in the Oil and Gas industry on the other side of the globe, my shift schedule is very difficult to synchronize with. During the duration of my course, I started to apply the knowledge I have learnt on a demo account and to my surprise (and excitement), I finally had my first positive month. Then another positive month came and then the next. I would like to thank Steven, Russell and the support team for helping me embark on this journey and I believe it is only just the beginning.”

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