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Difficulty                       Time and Attention


The easiest forex trading strategy within our trading arsenal: The Extreme Zone Strategy.
Every day our Order-Flow Master Algo will give you a number of Buy & Sell Zones, at the very top and bottom of these zones you will find what’s called an ‘Extreme Zone’. These are a fantastic tool no matter what’s occurring in the markets. The Extreme Zones give you the opportunity to capitalise on major shifts in the market. They only appear on incredibly strong support and resistance levels, that can halt a runaway trend in its tracks.
Implementing this strategy is simple, simply place your trade within the Extreme Zone with the appropriate stop-loss and take-profit levels according to your own risk-management profile.

Difficulty                     Time and Attention


Got a bit of time in the evening? This is the perfect forex trading strategy for you: The End of Day Strategy.

Our End of Day Strategy focuses on a specific time period during the day, this easy-to-use forex trading strategy gets its name from the end of the London Trading Session. During this time the New York session will have already been running concurrently with the London Session for around 4 hours, creating an environment of increased volatility. These are times when the market should be avoided in most respects.

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Difficulty                       Time and Attention


Want to trade all those news events that you see all over Forex Factory? This forex trading strategy makes it easy: The News Trading Strategy.

Outside of a few events, there’s only so much power that the majority of news events have over the markets. It’s this limited power that allows our Order Flow Master Algo to plot its distinct buy and sell zones, and how we as traders can better take advantage of news events within the financial markets with confidence and finesse. A trend will always reverse, and as quickly as news events can change the flow of the markets, they can reverse just as quickly.

One way or the other, the markets will move. This strategy utilises the 4th zone as a major point of reversal as the majority of news events simply don’t often have the power to exceed this particular level.

Difficulty                     Time and Attention


If you have some time at the start of the day that you could dedicate to the markets, you’ll appreciate this relatively simple method for placing a few pending orders: The Range Reversal Strategy.

This particular forex trading strategy utilises a ranging market. It uses our 3rd and 4th zones plotted by our Order Flow Master Algo as a basis for support and resistance, while bolstering that level using a premium institutional technique that heavily relies on the psychological impact of numbers and specific trading levels within financial and corporate enterprises.

It’s not a difficult strategy to implement, but it does take a bit of care and attention, and depending on how many currency pairs you’re trading, a bit of time as well.

Difficulty                         Time and Attention


Looking for a simple forex trading strategy that you can implement multiple times a day? This might just be the one you’re looking for: The Double Zero Confluence Strategy.

This strategy takes some time and observation, but it’s a solid strategy that is relatively easy to implement once you’ve placed a few orders. Usable any time there aren’t high-volatility events currently ongoing, it’s perfect for those weeks when news events are few and far between. Human beings are a predictable lot, and it’s no surprise that a lot of psychological importance is placed on nice round numbers. That’s why this strategy uses the x.xx00 levels as a basis for trading.

Think of when you’re fuelling up your car: If you hit x.00, you’re happy, if you go over to x.01, you’re disappointed. It’s these emotions that we tie in with numbers that gives this strategy power in the market. Millions of traders are out there watching and reacting to their perception of a price hitting a 00 and placing their trades accordingly, this strategy simply takes advantage of those actions.

Difficulty                     Time and Attention


Are you a night owl that’s looking for opportunities outside the London and New York trading sessions? This is probably the strategy you’ve been looking for all this time: The Asian Second Zone Reversal Strategy.


This forex trading strategy is an opportunity creator in the later hours of the day, spanning from 9:30pm to 2:30am* in the UK. The London and New York sessions hold a lot of power, but that doesn’t mean you should underestimate the Tokyo session. This session holds a lot of power of its own, and during the time between this session opening and the New York session finally closing, a currency pair can make some vast movements. The reversal is where this strategy shines, taking advantage of a currency pair finding its balance after overselling, or overbuying.


Using session crossovers to your advantage is one of the things that sets traders apart. There are patterns everywhere in the market, you just need to know where to look, and which tools and analysis to use. This strategy does all that for you and makes trading the New York-Tokyo crossover a breeze.

Difficulty                    Time and Attention


Large trends are plentiful in the currency markets, and many try to jump on them and ride them to profitability, but never know when to get in, or when to get out. This forex trading strategy covers both with ease: The Trend Continuation & Retracement Strategy.

A trend can change at any time, and many traders fear the eventual reversal. This is because they don’t use the reversal to their advantage, to them, the reversal is the enemy. A retail trader will try to ride a trend like a wave, but like the ocean ebbs and flows, so too do the markets. Once a trend seems to have finished, it’ll turn – but this likely isn’t the end, as sure as the waves on the beach keep coming to and fro, the markets will once again continue their initial movement. The trick, figuratively speaking, is predicting where on the beach the water will stop.

Our Order-Flow Master Algo, paired with some traditional analytical techniques, is magnificent at plotting these financial waves.

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