Forex Trading Guides

Forex Factory Complete Guide

Forex Factory is one of the most important resources that you will use as a trader, it encompasses several aspects important to trading.

The complete guide to forex trading

Forex is short for foreign currency exchange. It can also be shortened to FX but, in essence, it is the marketplace in which currencies are traded.

The complete guide to candlestick patterns

A Candlestick is a visual tool used to analyse data from a technical perspective. Typically, this data will be financial in origin, stocks, currencies, commodities, etc.

The Forex Trading Masters Guides

Our Guides contain an abundance of useful information aimed to help you in your trading journey.

With our Guides, you will understand some of the core concepts and tools used to trade the Forex Markets, from the seemingly endless list of candlestick patterns, to the multi-faceted utilities offered on the Forex Factory website, you’ll learn it all through our detailed guides found on this page!

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