The Forex Trading Masters

Put simply, we are a collective of profitable and consistent traders that believe trading should be an option for everyone. We love the markets and want to share that love with people who are willing to put the time in to learn this craft and become a profitable trader themselves.

Too often have we heard stories of people who have taken various trading courses and are ‘on the cusp’ of being profitable or are ‘getting there’… If you’ve taken and finished a trading course, surely by the end you should be profitable, right? So why are so many that have taken some kind of course not making money in the markets? The answer is relatively simple. They’re not learning from traders. They’re learning from people whose primary source of income is teaching people ‘how to trade’.

We came together to combat this pollution in our industry. We have heard the stories of people spending tens of thousands of pounds and dollars on courses that get them nowhere. We have heard the stories of people sinking their savings into a market that they’ve not been properly prepared for. We have heard the stories that exemplify an endless cycle of mentoring, failure, back to mentoring, and yet more failure. We will end this cycle.

We have put our heads together and have used all we know in the markets to develop a trading algorithm based on the metrics that financial institutions use to gauge price levels across 18 different financial instruments. We call it The Order-Flow Master Algo. Further to this, we have also agreed to give a certain amount of our time to people who are willing to learn so that we can impart our knowledge and show people how they can utilise our home-built trading algorithm to become a profitable trader themselves.

We are the Forex Trading Masters, and we will build a world where consistent profitability is no longer a pipedream, but a realistic and achievable goal.


Steven Ardent

Steven Ardent

Steven is an adept trader with more than two decades of trading experience under his belt. While profitable across currency pairs and commodities, nobody in our collective can quite trade the indices like Steven. His predictive ability of where a market will turn or lose momentum is truly a sight to behold.

It takes a great mind to be able to consider such a vast number of factors and call a market reversal within just a few points consistently, and Steven does it without breaking a sweat.

Colin Smith

Colin Smith

Colin is a magnificent trader, but more than that, he has magnificent organisational skills, and number-crunches with ease. For these simple reasons, he is the main point of contact for our Funded Trader program.

Every one of our students has the opportunity to trade a fully-funded account upon completing their mentorship, and Colin is the one who evaluates our students progress to see how far they’ve come, and the potential they have within our program.

If Colin says you have what it takes. We believe him.

Russell Gordon

Russell Gordon

Russell is the perfect embodiment of what we’d like to help others achieve. He trades the financial markets as his primary income and has done so for many years. He has reached the goal that so many set out to achieve: Financial Freedom.

His command of the GBP and EUR pairs is truly a sight to behold, using a few simple techniques, he manages something that so many fail to do: Trade for a living.

Russell is without a doubt a Forex Trading Master and could run circles around the so-called traders that you’d likely be assigned at supposed ‘trading schools’.

Nisha Patel

Nisha Patel

Nisha is our psychological mastermind. She sees the markets in a completely different way to most of us. When the market moves, she can see the decisions and thought processes that the largest players in the trading game have made.

The thing that moves the market the most is sentiment. When you analyse price action, historical levels, support and resistance zones, these are all human constructs and decisions, and Nisha is fluent in the human mind. It feels as if she can tell what a trader will do before they do it.

Using her unique skillset and pairing it with institutional-level analysis, she has a phenomenal trading record. She doesn’t enter as many trades as the rest of us, but when she does, it’s worth watching that trade play out.

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