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Learn Forex directly from profitable traders with decades of collecting experience in the markets.

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Access the most sophisticated Trading System available, built from scratch by our own Forex Trading Masters.

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Never be left out in the cold again. If you have a technical issue with your trading, we’re here to help.

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Trading can be challenging, but that doesn’t mean it has to be impossible.

There are thousands of traders out there making money from the markets every day, and you could be the next one.

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Personalised Mentoring

We don’t believe in holding large classes. Individuals have always learned better with a dedicated tutor.

If your child is struggling with a particular subject in school, you wouldn’t enrol them into another class… You would get them a dedicated tutor.


Because it works.

If you’re struggling with trading, it’s no use going to a class that’s trying to cater to everyone’s unique issues, you need a dedicated tutor that can address the unique problems that YOU are facing.


All of our mentors are currently trading the currency markets profitably

Mentoring isn’t the full-time occupation of our Forex Trading Masters, every single one is a profitable forex trader that is passionate about creating new profitable traders in the market. For too long, the banks and hedge funds have dominated the trading space while the little guy has lost out. We’re here to open the markets up to the at-home trader trying to build their savings.

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What distinguishes us from other Forex Education Providers?

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The Institutional Way of Trading Forex

Banks and Hedge-funds don’t trade in the same way that you likely are. There are a number of additional factors that must be considered before a bank or hedge fund can comfortably place a trade. We come from that world, and we can show you exactly what sets your trading apart from the most successful funds on the planet.

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Our Dedication to our Students, and the Markets

“Those who can’t do, teach” – A simple and well-known phrase. Unfortunately, it’s true across vast swathes of the Forex Education Industry. We’ve seen the kind of education that other providers are giving people, and it’s heart-breaking to see the markets we love be polluted by such shameful practises. Our Forex Trading Masters are live traders, and their primary income is trading. We both do, and teach, and we do it well.

Why People Choose Us For Building Successful Career in Forex Trading

We are a team of professional Forex Trading Masters in Forex trading and the financial trading industry. We are providing education on how to trade Forex, Indices, and a lot more through our Forex trading courses, training, and webinars with global strategies that help our clients to discover and understand the significant principles of the financial markets.


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    Alex Hunter - A Happy Client of Forex Trading Masters

    “I am thankful for the Forex Trading Masters and everyone involved, I have received everything I could have asked for. It has truly been a pleasurable experience and have already recommended friends to join.”


    Alfredo B Scott - A Happy Client of Forex Trading Masters

    “I feel everyone should be trading with the Forex Trading Masters, I feel lucky to have found them. It seems everyone gets sucked into these companies selling them a dream. The Forex Trading Masters were straight to the point and told me my realistic expectations. I appreciated the honesty compared to the rest, I have not been disappointed. I got what they said I would get which is great one on one forex mentoring and professional forex analysis, it’s been a breath of fresh air.”


    Alexis Mackrowley - A Happy Client of Forex Trading Masters

    “The forex trading strategies used at the Forex Trading Masters are easy to implement and this was the real key for me. I had used so many indicators in the past and found nothing worked consistently, the day FTM told me to stop using them and focus on their price action techniques I truly saw why the markets moved the way they did. Don’t be fooled into learning about indicators guys, the Forex Trading Masters are the real deal. I was sceptical at first but after the way of teaching and results it was apparent they know what they are talking about.”

    Alexis Mackrowley

    Albert Baggett

    “I found the experience with the Forex Trading Masters overall to be very good, far better than I have experienced elsewhere. It is certainly the trading course I am most grateful for finding.”

    Albert Baggett

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